A group of solitary runners


A Running Room Run Club photo with company founder John Stanton in blue in the centre.
(photo courtesy of John Stanton Facebook)

Just finished my last long“ish” run prior to the NYC Marathon, with a great group from The Running Room.

I think they’re all more excited about my race than I am.

They’re sort of in between clinics, having come off their graduation race last week – the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, where they did the half-marathon – before their clinics start up again the week after NYC.

Although I’ve always considered myself a “lone wolf” when it comes to running, I can’t deny the ease of running with a group on the longer runs. The chatter among the various people makes the kilometres go by much more easily than a soundtrack playing in your head, and I find I don’t have to listen to myself telling me how my hips are hurting or my baby toe feels like it’s getting a blister.

I’m glad I hooked up with the store in Oshawa. I wish I’d done it sooner in my training, as I could have really benefitted from the Sunday long runs and mid-week strength work.

If you really want to step up your running enjoyment and/or training, I’d recommend visiting your nearest Running Room and hooking up with a running group. You don’t have to belong to any of the clinics; just show up Wednesdays at 7pm and/or Sundays at 8:30 am and run. Everyone will be happy to welcome you.


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