How to pack on pounds

Lorings Fat-ten-U advertisement

Credit: The Gribler Bank Note Co. from photo by Baker Art Gallery (1862–1955).

A friend of mine can’t stop losing weight. And she’s starting to get frightened.

Many people look to systems such as those supplied by Isagenix for weight-loss solutions, but what if your goal isn’t to lose weight but to gain it?

Many professional athletes, such as weightlifters, fighters or bodybuilders, go through times when they have to pack on weight (which they often take off again, with almost eating-disorder efficiency), but what about the person who may need to gain weight in order to be healthy?

Isagenix can help there, too.

My friend had weight-loss (bariatric) surgery about a year and a half back. She’s dropped a lot of weight (an average of about 10 lbs. per month) but now can’t stop losing weight and is starting to experience health worries (lack of sleep or restlessness, continuous acid reflux, periods of severe dehydration, etc.), which are reportedly common among gastric-bypass patients. Readily accessible information states that people who’ve had her type of procedure consume about 800 calories a day for the first 18 to 24 months and lose about 70% of their original weight. She’s on schedule in that department.

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What price do you place on your health?

American Cash

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Psychonaught

How many times have you heard “when I stopped drinking the shakes, I packed all the weight back on?”

So why stop?

One of the main reasons people use is that it’s too expensive, but consider the dollar amount you’re willing to put on your health.

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Isagenix e+ energy shot with adaptogens

Nutritional info

Isagenix e+ energy shotUse: I usually drink this product whenever I need a boost of energy (the company recommends no more than two per day), though it can be integrated into a regular regimen.

Opinion: Made from various tree bark and plant leaf and root extracts, it also adds several berries and fruits to give it some form of palatability, though naturally that’s evaluated by the person drinking it. I find a slight medicinal aftertaste, evident if you follow the instructions and hold it in your mouth to savour before swallowing, but it’s not unpleasant and I can taste both apple and pomegranate. It features the equivalent caffeine of a cup of green tea (which is an ingredient); mass market energy shots claim the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. Energy shots are made up of naturally occurring compounds (taurine, for example, as well as glucuronolactone, phenylalanine and dicarboxylic acid) although you might not guess it from their names.

Conclusion: Having never had an energy shot, I found it acceptable in terms of taste, but some who regularly have energy shots didn’t take to the taste at all, which isn’t good when you consider that’s who it’s primarily targeted at. Unlike other energy shots, it is not basically a condensed version of an energy drink, meant primarily for people who want the benefits of the energy drink without taking in all the liquid.

Trust the system

Weight-loss planner

Credit: Isagenix

One of the most powerful statements you’ll ever read is “trust the system.”

Many people don’t like to follow that credo because it means giving up control. It means doing things differently. It means putting your faith in something that you may not yet understand, even though others have probably explained it to you. Or putting your faith in something you think can’t reasonably work, though it’s worked for others.

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What Isagenix is doing for me

Wall-E screen capture

Are we destined to be a society of fat people aimlessly floating through space?
Not if Isagenix associates have a say in what shakes they’re drinking.
(Credit: Disney/Pixar)

One of the things that attracted me to Isagenix products is that they’re formulated from natural ingredients. The bonus is that I’m also enjoying the taste.

I’ve tried other protein supplements, with varying degrees of success not in terms of my performance (because I know they work best in combination with other things, such as exercise) but in my enjoyment of them (my all-time favourite is Syntha-6 Mochaccino; other people swear by the Allmax line), and although I’m only about two weeks into my Isagenix journey, I am enjoying almost all the products in the line; AND, I’m ordering others I haven’t had a chance to sample (so keep checking the supplements category for new posts).

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IsaLean chocolate shake comparison

IsaLean chocolate protein shakes

Left is a shaken IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate; right is a blended IsaLean Pro Natural Chocolate. Note the extra volume of the blended shake attributed to the added air from the blending process, which also makes it a more satisfying drink.

People sometimes ask me about protein supplements, or see me drinking a shake or eating a bar and ask “is that good?”

It is to me, otherwise I wouldn’t still be eating or drinking it, and that’s actually the right answer because things taste differently to different people. How else do you explain my daughter’s aversion to fish when it is so delicious?

Anyway, the reason they ask is usually made clear in their next sentences – something along the lines of “I tried a protein bar once and it tasted awful.”

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IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate shake

IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate shakeNutritional info

Use: I usually drink this product for breakfast or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

Opinion: It shakes up well in a shaker cup, though you’ll get that “shake” creaminess when you blend it up. I find the mild chocolate taste as satisfying as that of the IsaPro. Isagenix products tend to be less sweet than some products from competitors, probably due to the company’s not adding extra sugars. Unlike with other products from the company, I have the chocolate shakes on their own and they satisfy my hunger and my sweet tooth.

Conclusion: Another nice light shake that doesn’t sit heavy as you’re enjoying it and isn’t sickly sweet to make you rush through it, and it still fills you up through to that next meal two or three hours down the road.