Dream reboot

As you can read in previous posts, I was a week away from making the trek to New York to fulfill a life dream of running the NYC Marathon, but had to postpone the climax for six years (for reasons you can find elsewhere on this site) due to personal matters.

So, I’m rebooting the dream with hopefully another chapter in my life.

Isagenix productsI’m kick-starting it with an Isagenix 30-day program and I’m doing it for a number of reasons.

  1. I’ve been curious about the product for some time because on paper it seems to me the most natural of all the “weight loss performance” systems.
  2. I’m considering distributing the products as a “work from home” component of my evolving career path.
  3. I’m interested in helping my piers achieve the best performance and optimal health to live out their lives in a satisfying manner.

Curiosity: read through the nutritional labels on Isagenix products and you encounter things like Alfalfa, Papaya, Flaxseed and Cinnamon. Yes, you still get the sugars and fillers you get in other supplements, but they’re naturally occurring or derived from natural ingredients. Do they taste good? You can read about it here in coming days.

Business: the products seem expensive at initial outlay, but you pay for quality. I have tried many other supplements with varying degrees of enjoyment, so I’ll let you know along the way if the quality justifies the price and hopefully you can decide whether it’s worth your investment or not. I’ll also investigate whether I can price them competitively for those who may be interested in purchasing them from me. I’m not looking to get rich selling this product line, but if I can stay home and save commuting costs and free up time to do the things I want to do with my family while supplementing my income from my traditional writing and editing sources, I’ll consider it a “rich” experience.

Goodwill: we are not getting younger and I can tell you from experience that it becomes harder to stay ahead of the curve (or even on the curve) whether you’re an athlete, an active individual or lead a sedentary existence. And as a journalist, I want to get this information out and educate (and hopefully entertain) as many people as possible. If the Isagenix line helps my running and improves my general enjoyment of life, then I want to share that with those who will listen. If it doesn’t, I’ll say so and move on.

So for the next month, I’m going to drink the Kool-Aid (actually, the Energenix, among other things) and tell you what I’m experiencing along the way.

After my initial 30 days, will I continue on the Isagenix cycle? I don’t know … that decision is 30 days away.

And in case you think I may be oversimplifying things, I know it’s not just about drinking shakes and losing weight; I’m still going to be sticking to my running routine, including following a modified training regimen developed by The Running Room (supplemented with suggestions from various other sources) speckled with a variety of cross training activities.

It will all be detailed on Map My Run.


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