Isagenix Ionix Supreme Natural Fruit

Nutritional info

Isagenix Ionix Supreme Natural FruitUse: I usually drink this product first thing in the morning, about an hour before I have my breakfast and vitamins.

Opinion: Although it smells kinda like dirt (what greens or fruit supplement doesn’t?), it tastes pretty good once you stir it into an 8-oz. glass of water. I usually use a shaker cup (the smaller ones with the snap on plastic lid, not the big ones with the twist on lids) and it fully dissolves. Mostly I taste berries and bit of fruity tang but it’s by no means overpowering.

Conclusion: I have drunk other “greens” products (some with added berry or fruit flavour to make them more appetizing) and this one is by far the best I’ve tasted. I’d stick with this.


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