IsaPro Whey Protein – Vanilla

Nutritional info

IsaPro Whey Protein VanillaUse: I usually drink this product for breakfast or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

Opinion: I’ve tried shaking it up in a shaker cup with mixed success, resulting in some clumping. I find the taste really bland (as is the case with many of the Isagenix line, probably due to the fact there isn’t any added sugar) and although I like that in the chocolate flavours (because I love semi-sweet or even unsweetened chocolate), vanilla needs to be sweet for me.

Conclusion: I found this a nice light shake that actually filled me up quite well until the next meal. In the morning, I dropped four ounces of coffee in it to try and give it a bit more flavour but ended up with a slightly bland coffee shake. Looking to find that sweeter flavour (although people who find some vanilla flavoured shakes too sweet might like this mild flavour), I blended one up with a banana and got a delicious AND light banana shake. I was also recently told that it works best when added to other shakes (which adds more taste and boosts the protein content substantially).


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