IsaLean chocolate shake comparison

IsaLean chocolate protein shakes

Left is a shaken IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate; right is a blended IsaLean Pro Natural Chocolate. Note the extra volume of the blended shake attributed to the added air from the blending process, which also makes it a more satisfying drink.

People sometimes ask me about protein supplements, or see me drinking a shake or eating a bar and ask “is that good?”

It is to me, otherwise I wouldn’t still be eating or drinking it, and that’s actually the right answer because things taste differently to different people. How else do you explain my daughter’s aversion to fish when it is so delicious?

Anyway, the reason they ask is usually made clear in their next sentences – something along the lines of “I tried a protein bar once and it tasted awful.”

The truth is that some do taste awful. Or the texture is less than pleasing. Or they react badly with your system.

My advice is to make a note of it and don’t buy that one again. And if you find something you enjoy, stick with it.

I find that some shakes are so thick, I almost have to chew them; others are so watery that it’s like adding chocolate Mio to your water. Some are overpoweringly sweet; others are almost less flavourful than water itself.

After a week of trying a line-up of five Isagenix shakes (vanilla and chocolate), I have mixed feelings about them. Some I can’t get enough of; others I’ll leave off my next order. Some I’ll reduce how many I order because they’re good in some instances.

I love the chocolate shakes – both IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate and IsaLean Pro Natural Chocolate – because they aren’t sickly sweet. I like semi-sweet chocolate and even raw chocolate (which is initially bitter but leaves me with a very satisfying aftertaste). Chocolate, for those not in the know, is also rich in anti-oxidants. The caveat is that the more processed it is, the more it loses its anti-oxidant benefits. Raw chocolate is excellent; milk chocolate is poor.

I found I could shake both of the chocolate shakes easily in a shaker cup (for those times when you don’t want to spark up the blender), with best results derived from the IsaLean Dutch Chocolate. They both dissolve quickly and well, but the IsaLean Pro stays a bit too thick and creamy for my liking. Adding more water reduces that texture, but then you have to experiment with the right amount (so it might take three or four “experiments” before you find the balance you prefer), since I realize this is again a matter of preference.

The IsaLean Pro Natural Chocolate powder works much better in the blender, when the amount of air bubbles introduced in the process takes away the syrupy texture and gives the drink the consistency of a milk shake (and it’s as enjoyable to drink as a milk shake – a real milk shake, not one of those excreted from a machine). The IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate also blends up well, with a little bit of milk-shake quality initially, but it settles down to pretty much the same consistency you get from shaking it.

I prefer to have the IsaLean shake at those quick times when I can just pour water and powder into a cup, shake it up and drink it down (such as at breakfast or when I’m hungry but have to rush out the door), and the IsaLean Pro at those times when I can break out the blender and relax for a half hour or so (almost like a treat, instead of a meal).

With either one, though, you get a whopping serving of protein (24g in the IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate; 36g in the IsaLean Pro Natural Chocolate) that will fill you up for three hours and beyond. I’ll order a full complement of each, to last me the month.


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