What Isagenix is doing for me

Wall-E screen capture

Are we destined to be a society of fat people aimlessly floating through space?
Not if Isagenix associates have a say in what shakes they’re drinking.
(Credit: Disney/Pixar)

One of the things that attracted me to Isagenix products is that they’re formulated from natural ingredients. The bonus is that I’m also enjoying the taste.

I’ve tried other protein supplements, with varying degrees of success not in terms of my performance (because I know they work best in combination with other things, such as exercise) but in my enjoyment of them (my all-time favourite is Syntha-6 Mochaccino; other people swear by the Allmax line), and although I’m only about two weeks into my Isagenix journey, I am enjoying almost all the products in the line; AND, I’m ordering others I haven’t had a chance to sample (so keep checking the supplements category for new posts).

And although all weight-loss plans have to be balanced with an exercise routine (otherwise they’re unsustainable or cause users to plateau), there are plenty of stories about people starting the Isagenix system and seeing immediate results (even without the exercise part of the equation).

That’s one of the reasons the company offers a money-back guarantee.

Further, many previously-overweight Isagenix disciples will attest to dropping outrageous amounts of weight strictly from obsessively sticking to the Isagenix system and then realizing they have the energy to start exercising, which then helps them lose more weight or achieve other body-transformation goals. Many refer to this as “clarity” as they start looking at their existences and their futures in different ways.

And all attest to developing a better sense of well-being as their bodies detoxify (quickly, with the available body-cleansing routine, or slowly and sustainably with available daily-cleanse products).

It is starting to make a difference for me, and I look forward to helping at least two people on the road to better living. Ask me, if you want to be one of them.


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