Isagenix e+ energy shot with adaptogens

Nutritional info

Isagenix e+ energy shotUse: I usually drink this product whenever I need a boost of energy (the company recommends no more than two per day), though it can be integrated into a regular regimen.

Opinion: Made from various tree bark and plant leaf and root extracts, it also adds several berries and fruits to give it some form of palatability, though naturally that’s evaluated by the person drinking it. I find a slight medicinal aftertaste, evident if you follow the instructions and hold it in your mouth to savour before swallowing, but it’s not unpleasant and I can taste both apple and pomegranate. It features the equivalent caffeine of a cup of green tea (which is an ingredient); mass market energy shots claim the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. Energy shots are made up of naturally occurring compounds (taurine, for example, as well as glucuronolactone, phenylalanine and dicarboxylic acid) although you might not guess it from their names.

Conclusion: Having never had an energy shot, I found it acceptable in terms of taste, but some who regularly have energy shots didn’t take to the taste at all, which isn’t good when you consider that’s who it’s primarily targeted at. Unlike other energy shots, it is not basically a condensed version of an energy drink, meant primarily for people who want the benefits of the energy drink without taking in all the liquid.


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