Trust the system

Weight-loss planner

Credit: Isagenix

One of the most powerful statements you’ll ever read is “trust the system.”

Many people don’t like to follow that credo because it means giving up control. It means doing things differently. It means putting your faith in something that you may not yet understand, even though others have probably explained it to you. Or putting your faith in something you think can’t reasonably work, though it’s worked for others.

Trusting the system often requires you to take that “leap of faith.”

There’s another powerful statement.

Isagenix, or any other weight control system, requires you to take a “leap of faith” and “trust the system.”

People far smarter than we have taken the time to figure out that if you do things a certain way, you will achieve certain results. That sentence is true regardless of how good or bad the result may be. If you put aside $ every paycheque toward your retirement, you will have money when you retire. If you speed in front of a police officer with a radar gun, you will get ticketed for speeding. If you drink poison, you will die.

If you follow this weight-reduction program, you will lose weight.

Conversely, if you don’t follow the program, you won’t. When you deviate from the program, you don’t see the results. The key to success is sustainability, and there are far too many factors to that than I’m willing to cover in one post.

The key to any weight-reduction programs is to keep doing what the system is telling you to do. It’s a lifestyle change, whether that means exercising so many hours per day or eating healthy every day and every meal.

When you figure you don’t need to follow the program anymore and go back to doing the things you were doing before starting the program, you rebound and all that weight (and usually more) comes back on.

People who stop a program but continue with the lifestyle they’ve learned, won’t rebound (or they won’t rebound as much). But then, they’re doing something different than they were doing before. They took that leap. They trusted. They learned. They prospered.

People who didn’t prosper or benefit from a proven system in all likelihood didn’t follow the system. Or, they didn’t learn from it when it was time to give it up.

The detractors of any weight loss system will tell you that when you stop, you will regain your weight. And that’s true.

An important factor of sustained weight loss is exercise. And guess what? When you stop exercising, you will gain weight.

Doctors will tell you that if you start eating healthy foods, you will feel better. And guess what? If you stop eating healthy foods, you will feel worse.

People will tell you that if you stop banging your head against a wall, your pain will stop. And guess what? If you go back to banging your head against a wall, the pain will come back.

People who’ve had liver transplants but kept drinking, damage their new livers. People who have liposuction and keep eating excessive amounts of unhealthy fat will regain their fat.

Take a leap of faith. Trust the system. Learn from your past mistakes. Prosper.


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