What price do you place on your health?

American Cash

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Psychonaught

How many times have you heard “when I stopped drinking the shakes, I packed all the weight back on?”

So why stop?

One of the main reasons people use is that it’s too expensive, but consider the dollar amount you’re willing to put on your health.

Is your health worth $3 million?

Let’s say you’re like me – 53 years old and I want to live another 30 years so I can see my children get married and have kids, and play with my grandkids. And maybe squeeze in a round of golf, somewhere in there.

If $3 million guarantees me those 30 years, it would cost me $273 a day to get through those 30 years. That’s a lot of cash I don’t have on a daily basis … yet. I would bet many of you reading this don’t have it either. But what if $16.50 a day would help you squeeze in those 30 years? That’s the equivalent of like two daily trips to Starbucks, and many have no problem incurring that expense.

$6,000 a year is all it would take to step toward those 30 years. $181,000 over 30 years. That’s roughly what it would cost you to follow an Isagenix plan.

Even if you add on an extra $2 a day – maybe you go through the drive-thru at Tim’s before you get to the bulk of your daily drive. That’s just $750 a year and an extra $22,500 over 30 years. That would cover the cost of a gym membership, into which you need to invest just five to six hours per week.

That’s less than $7,000 a year or just over $200,000 over 30 years (though you might need more because you will eclipse those 30 years!).

That’s still a lot better than $3 million – a figure I pulled out just to make it easier to divide by 30 because in my mind, there really is no dollar amount you can place on your health. I do know, though, that $650 per month is a good investment.


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