How to pack on pounds

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Credit: The Gribler Bank Note Co. from photo by Baker Art Gallery (1862–1955).

A friend of mine can’t stop losing weight. And she’s starting to get frightened.

Many people look to systems such as those supplied by Isagenix for weight-loss solutions, but what if your goal isn’t to lose weight but to gain it?

Many professional athletes, such as weightlifters, fighters or bodybuilders, go through times when they have to pack on weight (which they often take off again, with almost eating-disorder efficiency), but what about the person who may need to gain weight in order to be healthy?

Isagenix can help there, too.

My friend had weight-loss (bariatric) surgery about a year and a half back. She’s dropped a lot of weight (an average of about 10 lbs. per month) but now can’t stop losing weight and is starting to experience health worries (lack of sleep or restlessness, continuous acid reflux, periods of severe dehydration, etc.), which are reportedly common among gastric-bypass patients. Readily accessible information states that people who’ve had her type of procedure consume about 800 calories a day for the first 18 to 24 months and lose about 70% of their original weight. She’s on schedule in that department.

Then, the weight loss stops and they’re able to take on about 1200 calories (which is commonly held as the minimum sustainable energy requirements for the average adult). A quick calorie calculation indicates that according to her height, weight and age, she should be taking in between 1200 and 1300 calories daily. The problem is that people who’ve had their stomachs reduced through surgery can’t eat enough nutritious calories through traditional meals – their stomachs fill up with solids and literally can’t take in any more until that food is digested. Liquids, though, allow them to squeeze in a little more and digest it more quickly. There is also the problem of getting enough nutrients in the little food they do eat.

Even an 8-oz. Isagenix shake is double the volume my friend’s stomach can handle. But taking in a half a shake every hour will get her 240 calories every couple hours (280, if she moves up to IsaLean Pro). If she blends up a shake with unsweetened Almond Milk, she would add another 30 calories per meal. She’d be taking in the same volume, which she can reportedly tolerate, but boosting her caloric intake by as much as 50% over a two-scrambled-egg meal, for example (which she also reportedly can handle). And she gets the added benefit of having a nutrient-rich meal.

There are other things she can add to a shake to boost calories – baby food, for example, which is also rich in nutrients and is easily digested – but that would also add volume, which her diminutive stomach may not be able to hold. Now this by no means recommends she give up on solid foods she can tolerate, but rather make the ones outside of that work better for her.

Using Isagenix’s 30 day system, she might start off each day with a serving of Ionix Supreme (8 calories), followed by an IsaLean Pro shake (all shakes blended up with almond milk for this scenario) an hour later (310 calories), an IsaLean shake for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks (270 x 2), a cup of IsaLean soup for lunch (250 or 272, if she mixes in a scoop of Greens!) and two scrambled eggs for dinner (200), and she would not only be far ahead of her caloric intake right now (which she claims is in the 600-800 range) but she would also be above that 1200-calorie threshold most professionals claim the average person needs. And with her daily servings of Ageless Essentials with Product B, she’s getting all her nutrients and vitamins.


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