Instant way to thaw out icy diet

Butternut Squash soupWhen an ice storm slides into town and you come inside from trying to chip out the walk for the umpteenth time, replenishing your energy with a protein shake isn’t going to give you that warm and cozy feeling.

Coffee or tea may warm up the core, but it’s hardly going to satisfy your depleted energy stores. Warm milk might do it. Or, maybe you can make up a protein shake and then microwave it to get it warm. Continue reading


Dummies’ guide to failure

yo-yo champion

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Pretzelpaws

I tried everything and nothing worked.

That’s probably the most often heard first line in any testimonial in a diet or exercise infomercial. It’s usually followed up with “but then I tried …”

Well obviously, this person hadn’t tried EVERYTHING.

But somehow, we’re quick to dismiss those unsuccessful tries as failures and “unsustainable” when really, it’s about that person’s perseverance. It may sound overly simplistic, but any diet, or anything for that matter, is sustainable as long as the person is resolute enough to keep at it.

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