Instant way to thaw out icy diet

Butternut Squash soupWhen an ice storm slides into town and you come inside from trying to chip out the walk for the umpteenth time, replenishing your energy with a protein shake isn’t going to give you that warm and cozy feeling.

Coffee or tea may warm up the core, but it’s hardly going to satisfy your depleted energy stores. Warm milk might do it. Or, maybe you can make up a protein shake and then microwave it to get it warm.

One of the challenges of a “shake” diet is that you quickly tire of drinking shakes … you have a shake for breakfast; you have a protein bar for a snack; you have a shake for lunch and maybe another for a mid-afternoon snack and then you have a nutritious dinner that sort of becomes your reward for drinking chocolate or vanilla flavoured shakes all day.

That chew-toy meal in effect becomes your treat to make you look forward to drinking the next day’s shakes so you can be rewarded with a hot plate-worthy meal again at the end of the day. It becomes Pavlovian

And then there are your “friends” eating what they want and sometimes throwing snide remarks your way – “that shake looks almost as good as these fries taste” – or they try to persuade you that one vanilla latte isn’t going to make you pack on the pounds; or, they ask you if you don’t miss mowing down on a bag of Doritos.

If the detachment from going out with your friends doesn’t make you drop one or two shakes from your daily intake, the smells and textures of food you eat with utensils surely will.

Isagenix has a solution for all that, providing the warm comfort of childhood without forcing you to give up your adult weight-loss goals … soups. Available in Butternut Squash or Savoury Tomato, they blend up smooth and thick in just one cup of hot water.

Now many are probably thinking “instant soup? How is that a meal?”

When it delivers 240 calories (200 calories is the threshold for meal-replacement status), that’s how.

And now you’re thinking “I can get that much from ordinary instant soup mixes for a fraction of the cost, but they still don’t fill me up.”

Actually, no you can’t (the best we could research was 140 in Knorr’s Thick Tomato instant soup mix) and although you could use two packs to get up to 280 calories, that would only put 3.6g of protein in your belly. Most instant mixes top out at just 2g of protein per serving, and that’s the reason they don’t fill you up.

IsaLean soups feature 18-24g or protein (Tomato or Squash, respectively) and 5-8g of fibre, which will fill you up for several hours. And like all Isagenix products, they’re low in fat, free of gluten and packed with essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Heat and serve canned soups supply about half the number of calories per can, depending on the maker and flavour, and often twice the fat! And, they still only manage a fraction of the protein content.

But do the IsaLean soups taste good?

They do to me, but you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

What I can attest to is that unlike most soups outside of what mom made, they don’t leave me with that empty feeling once the cup or bowl is empty.


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