As a runner in High School, I became fascinated with the New York City Marathon for a couple reasons.

A) it was one of the first foot races ever to be broadcast on a national network, and remains one of the few ones still broadcast in its entirety today.

B) it was always on the Sunday of my birthday weekend and every several years, it actually was staged on my birthday.

I vowed that if I ever ran a marathon (unlike most runners, I have no desire to run a marathon) this would be the one I ran. And especially if it was on my actual birthday.

I gave up running for about 25 years, but always took the time on my birthday (or its weekend) to watch the race. And when I re-entered the running lifestyle, the goal was on again. That happened back in 2005 and the next time the race would fall on my birthday was 2013. That’s this year.

In the final week of preparation before heading off to NYC to take up my position on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in preparation for my run through New York’s five borroughs, my mother died. You can say all the inspirational things like “running it for her” or “drawing strength from her,” but the reality is that she would have been angry I wasn’t there for my dad during the saddest time of his life.

So, I’m now looking forward to 2019 and planning accordingly.


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