Runner ticketed for running in Central Park

NYPD police cruiser

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Cezary Piwowarski

A Central Park incident is disturbing for runners, who often struggle with the rules of the road—do you run against traffic or with it? Can you cross against the light if you don’t affect traffic? Do you yield at stop signs regardless of right of way?


A group of solitary runners


A Running Room Run Club photo with company founder John Stanton in blue in the centre.
(photo courtesy of John Stanton Facebook)

Just finished my last long“ish” run prior to the NYC Marathon, with a great group from The Running Room.

I think they’re all more excited about my race than I am.

They’re sort of in between clinics, having come off their graduation race last week – the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, where they did the half-marathon – before their clinics start up again the week after NYC.

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