Dummies’ guide to failure

yo-yo champion

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Pretzelpaws

I tried everything and nothing worked.

That’s probably the most often heard first line in any testimonial in a diet or exercise infomercial. It’s usually followed up with “but then I tried …”

Well obviously, this person hadn’t tried EVERYTHING.

But somehow, we’re quick to dismiss those unsuccessful tries as failures and “unsustainable” when really, it’s about that person’s perseverance. It may sound overly simplistic, but any diet, or anything for that matter, is sustainable as long as the person is resolute enough to keep at it.

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It’s not just a race

The tag line for the 2013 NYC Marathon is that it’s (just) a race. You make it a marathon.

Below are some links that illustrate this best.

Dream reboot

As you can read in previous posts, I was a week away from making the trek to New York to fulfill a life dream of running the NYC Marathon, but had to postpone the climax for six years (for reasons you can find elsewhere on this site) due to personal matters.

So, I’m rebooting the dream with hopefully another chapter in my life.

Isagenix productsI’m kick-starting it with an Isagenix 30-day program and I’m doing it for a number of reasons.

  1. I’ve been curious about the product for some time because on paper it seems to me the most natural of all the “weight loss performance” systems.
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Dream on hold

Mom and kids in Portugal 1976

Costa da Caparica, 1976: My mom with my brother and I (in the green). That fall, I would begin my running career.
(Duarte family archives)

My mom passed away this morning.

Needless to say it would be an understatement to proclaim it as bad timing, when I’m less than a week away from fulfilling my life event of running the ING NYC Marathon, but there’s never a good time for a loved one to pass away. Especially your mom.

I’d like to think that running the race would be what she would have wanted me to do, but I know that’s not true. She’d want me to be with my family at a time like this and that’s what I have to do in respecting her.

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The Home Stretch

NYC-entrant-cardSo here I am, a week away from a life event that has been 37-plus years in development – running the New York City Marathon (NYC Marathon).

Some background: I started distance running in the summer of 1976 – the Olympics were being staged in Montreal (my country of residence); I was in Portugal (my country of birth) on summer vacation; Portuguese runner Carlos Lopes was pushing the pace in the 10,000 metres; American Bill Rodgers was running near the front of the marathon; and, I became inspired.

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